CompuStrike provides real-time statistical data for major MMA fights. CompuBox (parent company) developed software that categorizes strikes into Arm Strikes, Leg Strikes and Power Strikes. These categories are broken up into Power and Non-Power Strikes. The software also tracks Takedowns, Takedown Attempts, Knockdowns and Submission Attempts. The stats are tracked by two human operators with one operator tracking stats for each fighter. The operators are extensively trained to watch a fight differently than a normal fan would. Each operator concentrates on only one fighter and not the fight as a whole to accurately track the stats.

The CompuStrike stats in no way, shape or form, determine a winner of a fight. The stats are used to enhance a telecast, show the estimated barometer of activity by both fighters and paint a picture of the activity on a round-by-round basis.

CompuStrike was started in 2007 and is owned and operated by CompuBox Inc. CompuStrike is the first to track real-time stats for live MMA events. CompuStrike is the official stat provider for Bellator and Spike TV and we have worked for CBS/Showtime, HDNet, Strikeforce, CFFC and other regional MMA organizations. We were also hired by Yahoo Sports to provide live stats for UFC events.

CompuBox History

CompuBox started in 1985 and is owned and operated by Bob Canobbio. Our clients include HBO, CBS/Showtime, NBC/NBC Sports Network, ESPN, EPIX Sports, Top Rank PPV, Broadway Boxing, BoxingScene.com, BadLeftHook.com, Custom Special Tees, Inc. (Fight Program Content) and various PPV promotions.

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